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The VA Hospital

To get enrolled in the VA healthcare system.

Thankfully and gratefully, we acknowledge the benefits given by our government to veterans for medical care needs. Although we support their efforts, is the care truly up to par?

Would any member of congress suggest their beloved family members receive services of the same standards set for veterans?

The Military Veteran has a mission to expose, both good and bad, the experiences often had when receiving care by VA hospitals. I personally questioned the attention and care given at each, and after my two week stay within St. Louis’s John Cochran VA Hospital in November 2005, it is quite clear that we all have a duty to share our personal story for the hope and safety of all. Since then, my research has uncovered the horrors our brothers and sisters have faced with unsanitary implants, improper life-threatening dialysis dosages, to inadequate nursing care.

Please email us and share your personal story so that we may either warn or encourage medical attention at the deserving VA staff and hospital. Many voices are louder than one.

Changing the way veterans get treated.

Veteran Mental Health

Why is the VA failing our veterans when it comes to mental health? It’s like the old saying.
“Been there, done that.“

As a veteran that has been in the VA healthcare since 1996, let me tell you just why the VA is unsuited to help many veterans when it comes to mental health.

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Veteran Homelessness

The U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) states that the nation’s homeless veterans are predominantly male, with roughly 9% being female.

The majority are single; live in urban areas; and suffer from mental illness, alcohol and/or substance abuse, or co-occurring disorders. About 11% of the adult homeless population are veterans.

We have an answer that has been a long time coming. Learn what we can do to end veteran homelessness.

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Veterans with Mesothelioma

United States Military veterans make up over 30% of all patients with malignant mesothelioma caused by exposure to asbestos.

We have a great resource for you guys.

Mesothelioma Veterans Center
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