A New Approach to Ending Veteran Homelessness
A New Sustainable Community for Veterans

Thank you, Five Finger Death Punch for stranding up for us veterans

Camp Kennedy for Veterans
"A More Peaceful Way of Living"

Arizona veterans camp to end homelessness

Named after our founder
Kathleen Kennedy.

Camp Kennedy for Veterans is a new approach to handling veteran’s housing and homelessness, while cut down on the suicide rate amongst veterans. Statistic show that the greatest help for veterans does not come from the VA but from other veterans.

Camp Kennedy for veterans is a sustainable community for veterans that offers housing, friendship and the ability to be a part of a community. Allowing veterans to be able to contribute once again to society, despite a veteran’s disability.

Every veteran has something to contribute. If you were to talk to a homeless veteran, you will come to find out that we all have a select skill sets to contribute. From mechanic, welder, to paramedic, every veteran has a special skillset that is not being utilized when we are by ourselves. We feel lost and alone. But when you combine a community of veterans we are now able to all come together; helping each other to overcome each other’s disability and contribute to the greater good.

Housing for veterans

We will be able to help answer needs in the community that are not currently being meet; while being able to provide better healthcare to our veterans. As we work with the VA Choice program allowing for veterans to receive the top available health care with a doctor of their choice.

Veterans providing services to the community

We are currently working on our first camp being located in the state of Arizona. The first camp will serve as a case study for future camps all across the nation.

Ending Veteran Homelessness

Arizona veterans camp

We are looking for veterans to be a part of this new veteran’s community.

If you are interested in being a part of this veterans test study community,
please send us an email with your contact information so you can be put on the list for Camp Kennedy.