A New Approach to Veteran’s Mental Health Treatment.

VA Mental Health

How we came up with our mental health program

As a veteran who has been in the VA health care system from 1996 to present, it’s like the old saying, “Been there, done that.”

The VA mental health clinic for the average veteran is setup into two different departments/sections. You have your medication doctor and then your group/individual talking therapy.

One of the main problems is that veterans only receives selected medications from pharmaceutical companies who have contracts with the VA. These medications are not necessary the best medication to help heal the veteran, when clearly the studies prove that other medication show the best results. It all boils down to the who lands the government contract and not the best medication to heal our veterans.

Dealing with daily pain is something I would not wish on my worst enemy. After spending years working through the VA I tried so many medications combinations to try and stop the pain. Nothing would touch the pain and I would wind up in a medicated coma. The medication they prescribe you is physically addicting and does not really help with the pain.

After being diagnosed with a depressive disorder and then suffering some sever trauma after service, I was diagnosed with PTSD. It was at this point that I realized the system was designed by doctors who never experienced the actual problem but only theorized.

Here I was just like 1,000 of other veterans dealing with PTSD when I was forced to try and heal myself after the VA health care system failed to help.

Utterly, lost and alone. Having nowhere to turn, nowhere to go for true help; unless you’re counting the suicide hotline, also called the crisis line.

I realized in my darkest moments that I had to try and help others to never experiences such pain.

The following programs were setup because they have been proven not only by my own personal experience but through multiple cases studies across the nation where other veteran groups also saw great success.

Our approach is a more natural holistic approach. Getting back to nature to bring a true successful all natural treatment for mental health conditions.

Healing Veterans Through Nature

Veterans Healing in Nature

Healing Veterans Through Horses

Veterans healing through horses

Using Equine Assisted Psychotherapy for mental health treatment is amazing.

Working with horses is a magical healing experiences for a veteran. Throughout our history horses have played a vital role. We often equate horse with transportation but they were so much more.

From riding a horse to caring for them, there is something magical with the bond between a human and horse. We would like to show you first hand.

Join us.

Healing veterans through gold prospecting

Veterans healing through gold prospecting

There is something about looking for gold that is truly magical. The guest for gold goes back to ancient man.

It does not matter if your using a dry bed or wet wash, there is something about going out in nature and spending time looking for gold.

As your quest continues and your hobby grows, it will take you to historic land mark sites in history that the general public won’t venture as far out in nature to see.

Join us and experiences a part of history.

Bring it all together
veterans retreat Arizona

Veterans Healing through camping

Struggling with my physical and mental health condition. It was difficult to meet people that I could truly relate to in an environment that was safe.

I found that when it came to people and socializing, I connected with veterans, who could relate to who I was.

There truly were no programs that I could find at that time to help bring veterans together in an environment that was truly suitable to help them.

Through people wanting to help veterans and other veterans in the community, we are proud to offer our veteran weekend retreat. A chance to step away for a weekend and connect with others veterans doing fun outdoor activities.

Contact us at TMV or the Phoenix VA Mental health facility to find out how take part in this truly amazing experiences.

A veterans retreat

Phoenix VA Main number (602) 277-5551: ask for Mental Health
Tell them you want to be put on the list for the veterans retreat.