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The Military Veteran is proud to announce that finally there is a company that has stepped up to the plate,

The Military Veteran is proud to endorse CHAMPVA Providers, LLC A Company that identified a huge void within the Veteran’s Benefits Program and came up with an efficient database to connect users of CHAMPVA benefits to Doctors and Pharmacies in their area. is the solution that everyone was waiting for. Thank you, ChampVA Providers. Check them out.

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What is Champva?

Champva, is a Department of Veterans Affairs benefit program. It is different than TRICARE and is designed to share the cost of health care services for a different population then the people eligible for TRICARE, which at one time was called Champus. To be eligible for Champva you cannot be eligible for TRICARE. Champva is a health care program managed by the VA’s Health Administration Center (HAC), whereas TRICARE is regionally managed. Therefore, the procedure for claim processing for Champva is completely different than the claim processing for TRICARE. For those who qualify, Champva is designed to be the secondary payer to Medicare.

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