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In our country, many illegal immigrants exist from all over the world. However, with Mexico having 11 million, they tend to be the most outspoken of all and would like to change our country to soot themselves. For example, they don’t feel they should be called illegal because they find it offensive. They insist their children attend, and be taught Spanish in our tax-paying classrooms, and they go to our emergency rooms contributing to our constant rise in medical insurance. With illegal immigrants dispersing themselves throughout our country, they contribute to much of our crime statistics, and worst of all because we have no idea who they are, they make us vulnerable to terrorist attacks

We use to be known as the country with “our streets being paved with gold”. The real word for gold is democracy. Our country was founded upon democracy, and our Constitution was written to preserve it. People from other countries will walk through hot coals to be here because of our wonderful belief in DEMOCRACY and the freedom it brings those who live here. However, we must not let ourselves be abused by others because of our creed. We must not allow our belief in justice “the American way”, be used against us by illegal immigrants.   It is a positive step that a President has, at last, taken a stance by attempting to secure the borders along Arizona, California, New Mexico, and Texas, Canada’s borders should be next.  
     As usual, once again, we can not look for cooperation amongst the politicians to help us in this illegal immigration turmoil; politics plays a heavy hand in this constant battle over illegal immigrants. Most politicians don’t want to upset the Mexican Americans for fear they will not get their vote on Election Day. We must never forget that the politicians do not have in mind what’s best for our country. They only care about staying in office, if they are in, and getting into office, if they are not.
     With a National Compulsory Service (NCS) inside our country, young illegal immigrants will no longer be an issue. They will sign up and serve, giving them a “right of passage”, or they will hastily retreat to their own homelands.
     With a program such as this every young American citizen between the ages of 18 and 25 could have a picture ID card, similar to a driver’s license. If they are young and here without serving they won’t have a card and will have the option of going to prison or going back home.
     Serving in this capacity our young people would emanate a wave of patriotism. Let us not forget “we appreciate what we work for”. People of all nationalities, under our American flag, would unite. And no one would tolerate the existence of “free-loafer” illegal immigrants.


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