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Medical Records

My husband is a veteran , we would like to get all of his medical records from the VA but we just don't know how to go about it. Could you please tell us how to do this? Thanks.

Dear GB, In response to your inquire about medical records-First, make a list of all medical facilities where your husbnd has been treated. Then, with your husband and his proper ID, because his signature is required, go to the VA hospital in your area. If there is more than one in your location, go to the main or largest hospital. At the information desk, ask for medical records. Once there, ask to fill out a “Release of Information” form. Be very specific with them; make sure they understand that you want the records from each individual facility where he has been treated, which might mean that you need to fill out more then one form. The form is actually requesting the release of medical records on file. The VA has an internal computer network that allows them to request records from the individual locations. Finally, you can request that all records be sent to your home or your husband can pick them up, once again if they are picked up, it must be your husband and he must have proper ID.
Good luck!  Thanks to you and your husband for serving.

VA Home Loan

I was told my VA Home Loan that I still have not used, can be used for home improvements. How do I get that?

Dear T.F., In regards to your home loan inquiry-go to,, and if you will scroll down quite a ways to Eligible Loan Purposes, you will find the 4th one down states, “to repair, alter, or improve a home”. Then go to, where you will find the Request for a certificate of eligibility form for you to fill out. Good luck, and thanks for having served. Your Q and A will be posted on our wed site, under TF later this week. Support,


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