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The United State based-National Intelligence Council-in January 2005, said, “If the 1900’s is popularly known as American Century, the 21st Century may well belong to India and China.”

     We, as a nation, must not only appear united. We must feel it, and we must live it. After 9/11, patriotism was everywhere. It was in our voices, in what we said, and everything we did.
There was no where one could go without seeing our American flag, from lapels on suits of men and woman, jewelry, automobiles, to home fronts. Flags were seen during the day with the sunshine and at night with floodlights. Our undying loyalty toward our country was the message we sent to the world. We haven’t changed; we are those same people. Unfortunately, in the last few years, we appear to have become complacent. We are tired of listening to our politicians fight. We are tired of the continued rhetoric of unsolved issues. Nothing meaningful seems to get accomplished-just more promises. In the meantime, we must be aware of how fragile we appear as a country.

China, along with India has a population of over one-billion people. Separately, they each have military personnel in the millions. Although China appears to be sluggish in their training and attitude, it is impossible to know what their intentions really are because they cloak themselves in military mystery.
     English speaking, India’s plan over the next ten years is to put $15.9 billion into modernizing its entire military forces, along with its Inter-Service Institution. Their Inter-Service Institution is a fully integrated school for all defense service staff. Its purpose is to train OFFICERS in the Army, Navy and Air Force. Even now, it is considered a premier military institution.
     China, however, with its authoritarian ruler, massages countries through clever talk and marketing while we, because of our political agenda, are alienating countries. Is it possible that China or India could take their negative force, which is their well-over-populated countries, and turn them into a positive force to use against the rest of the world? Is China a sleeping dragon with no ulterior motive other than the prosperity of it’s well-over one-billion people or a clever, manipulative country who is taking its time for the sole purpose of ruling the world. YOU DECIDE.  



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