The Military Veteran

The Military Veteran
Code of Regulations

 Why do so many of us fear the draft? One reason is because we don’t trust our government. We don’t believe the politicians who we vote into office. Their greed for power and money is what moves them, not the warmth of our loved ones who we tuck into bed at night. Few of them have served and sacrificed for our country. Few of them know how it feels to put their lives on hold and contribute to our freedom. Instead, they have been cleaver saying what they think we want to hear, shaking our hands with big smiles on their stone-like faces, embracing our innocent little ones, and knocking on our doors to introduce themselves. That is what politicians do today to get our votes. So, what do we have in Washington D.C.? Washington D.C., consists of untrustworthy men and women who can talk the talk and walk the walk. How can we blame them; it works.

  However, it is time for a change. It is time for Americans to participate in a different way and add another depth of love for their country to their lives. We must “serve to preserve our freedom”, not through force but through participation. Our volunteer armed forces are doing a fantastic job in what they are so well trained to do. What an addition to them it would be if we formed an in-country national service. Educating our young about our government, and teaching them a specialty-which could place them where they could do the most good for others as well as themselves. Let them participate in rejuvenating our-still young, but-weary country. And our leaders of tomorrow, who will sit in the finest seats in our nation, will find their way today.


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