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  Delivered at no cost - anywhere in the world.
  Replaced at government expense if deteriorated, vandalized, illegible, or stolen.
  Within private cemeteries, the VA will provide a government headstone or marker even if the grave is already marked with a private one - given the veteran’s death occurred on or after September 11, 2001.
Types Available
  Flat markers: Inscribed in bronze, granite, or marble.
  Upright headstones: Inscribed in granite or marble only.
  Niche markers: To mark columbaria for inurnment of cremated remains.
  “In Memory Of” markers: Bearing the inscription “In Memory Of” as the first line, to memorialize service men and women whose remains were not recovered or identified, were buried at sea, donated to science, or cremated and scattered.
  Spouses and dependent children are not eligible if buried in a private cemetery.
  Must be consistent with existing monuments in various cemeteries.
  Replaceable only if previously provided by the government.
  Must be inscribed with: name, branch of service, and year of birth/death - may be inscribed with other wording as space permits.
  Placement fees within private cemeteries will not be reimbursed by the VA. There will be no placement fee involved for national veterans’ cemeteries.
How to Apply
  Contact the VA national cemetery director to verify eligibility. Documents needed as proof include: discharge papers (DD-214), deceased’s death certificate, and proof of relationship to veteran (for eligible family members).
  Use VA Form 40-1330, Application for Standard Government Headstone or Marker for Installation in a Private or State Veterans’ Cemetery. Send the completed application along with a copy of the veteran’s discharge papers (DD-214) and death certificate to: Memorial Programs Service (41A1), Department of Veterans Affairs, 5109 Russell Rd., Quantico, VA 22134-3903. You may also fax documents to: 800-455-7143.

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