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I’m leaving the military; what do I need to know?

Let’s face it, leaving the military and entering civilian life can be a bit overwhelming if you don’t know what to expect. We have put together helpful information to make this life-altering transition as easy as possible. Learn ways to protect yourself for your future ahead. What you MUST do now to ensure VA benefits in the future…read more


What benefits do I qualify for?

While there are a wide variety of benefits - disability compensation, pension, medical and dental care, life insurance, educational assistance, and more - several factors are used to determine your eligibility including: time in service, VA disability rating, employment potential and medical history. Each benefit program is unique and has their own requirements to be met…read more

Isn’t this information provided by military VAAP classes and VA regional offices?

Yes and NO…These entities can give you basic knowledge, but unfortunately, unless you have had personal experience “working the process”, you may never know about the hidden benefits you may be entitled to receive and how to apply. Discover now before you lose potential income letting the years pass by…read more

Can I receive job placement, educational assistance, or help opening a business?

What is your rating of disability? If you are granted 10% or more and meet other eligibility requirements, you could qualify for assistance in career placement through Vocational Rehabilitation to include educational assistance, job placement or self employment. In addition, you could receive monthly income while attending these programs…read more


What is needed to file a disability claim?

If you are still in the military, you should prepare NOW for filing a claim. If you are currently a veteran, the road may be long, but it is not too late. Vital documents needed, but not always told to you by the VA, are ALL medical records, lay statements and medical opinion letters. Failing to submit any of these documents can lead to a denial of compensation deserved. Do it right the first time and avoid on-going more

I’m having trouble with my disability claim. What can I do?

Things can get very complicated if you don’t know how they evaluate your evidence and what guidelines they follow to make their determination. So many people are injured while in service, and yet, the government tries its best to disprove your injuries and deny your well-deserved benefits and compensation. Disability claims can take months to years to settle. Learn tips and tidbits to help speed up and simplify the process…read more

Can I receive special discounts when buying a house?

Typically, as long as you have served in the military, are currently active, or have been honorably discharged - you qualify. There are special requirements for Reservists and the National Guard. Is a VA loan right for you? Sometimes it is, and other times, it is not. Learn the pros and cons of the government home loan guarantee and decide if it’s right for you…read more

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